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Primary Stroke Center: Evaluation and diagnostic tests
Technologically, UPMC Altoona Health System offers the latest generation of testing that allows physicians to quickly determine what type of treatment would be best for each patient.

Diagnostic tests used to determine the best course of treatment include:
  • Neurologic exam
  • NIH Stroke Assessment protocol: a language specific to stroke patients
  • Brain imaging tests - CAT scans, MRIs, CT-perfusion scan - to determine the type, location and extent of the stroke
  • Test that show blood flow and bleeding sites - Carotid Ultrasound, Trans-cranial Dopplers, MRA Angiography of the brain and cervical arteries, Conventional Angiography
  • Blood tests for bleeding or clotting disorders
  • EKG or Echocardiogram ultrasound examination of the heart to identify potential for blood clots that could travel to the brain
  • Tests that gauge functional impairments
A course of treatment is selected after tests and evaluation are complete.

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