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Other Services

Altoona Family Physicians Residency
A dynamic, thriving program that develops competent, caring family physicians who provide primary care services that include pediatric care, obstetric care, wellness exams, office surgeries, and much more. For more information, phone 814-889-2020 or visit www.altoonafp.org

Anesthesiologists are responsible for the medical management of your anesthetic as well as your recovery from it. Nurse anesthetists assist in providing care under the medical direction of the anesthesiologists. For more information on services at Altoona Hospital Campus, call 814-889-7811.

Case Management
Case Management helps patients and their families cope with the impact of illness on their lives by facilitating patients' journey through the health care system. Case management's registered nurses and social workers provide discharge planning, insurance certification and care coordination. Phone 814-889-2782 for more information.

Critical Care
Our critical care facilities are specially designed for the short-term critical, trauma or postoperative patient needing constant observation. It does not replace the recovery room, where patients who have undergone surgery are cared for until they have recovered from the anesthetic.

Nurses assigned to Critical Care have been educated in coping with critical medical situations and are highly skilled in the use of state-of-the-art lifesaving equipment. Patients are admitted and discharged from Critical Care upon order of the attending physician.

To aid in the patient's healing, we allow unlimited visiting hours. Two visitors at a time are permitted in the patient's room. There is a waiting area outside the unit for occasions that we ask you to step out of the room.

One member of the patient's family should be selected to inquire about the patient and inform other relatives and friends of the patient's progress. Families are encouraged to choose a code word to use when asking about the patient.

Drug and Alcohol Services
Our program works with organizations and agencies to change the environment of the community using programming on underage drinking, ordinances, laws and practices that reduce availability of alcohol to minors and decrease illicit drug use.

On a daily basis, the program educates the public through a variety of media, teaches skill development to youth and provides and participates in alternative youth activities. Staff also identify and refer at-risk students for more intense services. Phone 889-2141.

Additional outpatient services are available at Home Nursing Agency. Phone 814-946-5411 or 1-800-445-6262.

The Education Department provides a variety of educational classes to Altoona Regional employees. Education on diabetes is available on an outpatient basis.

The Glover Memorial Library at Altoona Hospital Campus is available for use by our patients and the community for information related to disease, health, wellness or other medical data. For more information on Glover Memorial Library, click here.

For more information on education programs and services, please call Kathi Terlinsky, director of Education, at 814-889-2731.

The Ethics Committee at Altoona Regional provides guidance and assistance to health system staff, medical staff, patients and families in dealing with the ethical issues that arise in today's medical environment.

This committee, comprised of health care workers, educators and community and religious leaders, is available to offer advice and counsel to patients and their families on serious life-and-death issues, such as the use of feeding tubes, "do not resuscitate" orders and removal of a patient from a respirator.

If you would like to learn more or meet with the committee, call 814-889-4301.

Health Information Management (medical records)
For information about the release-of-information process and policy and procedure regarding medical records, please call the Health Information Management Department/Release of Information area at (814) 889-2342. There is a minimal per-page fee for requested copies of medical records.

The HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact our privacy officer at 814-889-2223.

Infection Control
Infection Control is under the direction of the Environment Infection Control Committee. The goal is to identify and reduce risks of endemic and epidemic hospital-acquired infections in patients and health care workers through appropriate surveillance and methods of prevention and control.

Infection Control performs ongoing surveillance of infection occurring in the hospital, assures that appropriate isolation precautions are used, recommends changes in practice to reduce the risk of infection, orients all new employees to Infection Control policies, provides annual education for all employees and volunteers, and is available for consultation for any infection control issues.

Medical Outpatient Services
Provides infusion therapy and special procedures for patients requiring diagnostic, palliative or therapeutic outpatient care, as well as pre- and post-care for cardiac catheterization patients. Phone 814-889-2709.

Medical-Surgical Units
Medical-surgical units provide a wide range of services, including orthopedics, oncology, respiratory and more. The professionals in the unit are well trained in caring for patients recovering from surgeries and those receiving medical attention for illness.

Altoona Regional is your first choice for nephrology and dialysis services. Our experienced and highly trained staff have provided exceptional care to patients with kidney disease for over 30 years.

Altoona Regional's Nephrology/Dialysis Unit offers:
  • Dialysis available at Altoona Hospital Campus, as well as peritoneal dialysis. Plasmapheresis procedures with 24-hour nursing coverage are also performed.
  • Licensed professionals who coordinate care with board-certified nephrologists.
  • Both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Full-time renal dietitian to provide counseling.
  • Full-time renal social worker to provide assistance with insurance, transportation, setting up treatments when traveling, obtaining medications, and counseling or support.
  • Compliance with all safety and quality standards.
  • Continuous monitoring of patient outcomes to exceed government recommended standards.
  • Patient involvement in care decisions.
  • Hours to accommodate patient needs, such as employment or transportation.
  • Twenty-four-hour dialysis coverage on both hospital campuses.
  • Pre- end-stage renal disease teaching program, one-on-one or in a group.
  • A team of nurses to assist with referrals to transplant centers and schedule required tests for transplant work-ups.
For more information on Altoona Regional's nephrology and dialysis services, please call 814-889-2847.

Neurology Services
Our Neurology department provides state-of-the-art diagnostic neurology testing, including EEG, 24-hour EEG, evoke potentials and EMG services. For more information, phone 914-889-4388.

Noninvasive Vascular Lab
Provides state-of-the-art intracranial, extracranial and peripheral vascular ultrasound testing for blockages in arteries and veins. Accredited by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories. Phone 814-889-2091.

Nutrition Services
Nutrition Services takes great pride in providing appetizing, well-balanced meals to our patients, visitors, volunteers and staff.

Altoona Hospital Campus
The Altoona Hospital Campus dining room is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. every day. It is closed between 10:30 and 11 a.m. Hot lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and hot dinner is served from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Vending is available 24 hours a day in the 4th Floor vending area and the Outpatient Center lobby.

Guest trays are available for visitors and can be purchased in the cafeteria.

Registered dietitians provide clinical nutrition services to all inpatient units.

Clinical nutrition services are provided by registered, licensed dietitians to both inpatients and outpatients. Outpatient counseling is available by appointment with physician referral.

Pastoral Care
Pastoral care is available to persons of all faiths. During a hospital stay, your faith can be a great source of healing and comfort. A hospital chaplain will make an initial visit soon after your admission as an inpatient or short-stay patient. Chaplains will also provide follow-up visits and are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. You may request a visit anytime by asking your nurse.

Mass is held at 7th Avenue Campus only. Sacramental ministry is available to persons of all Christian traditions.

For more information, please call Pastoral Care at 814-889-2132.

Pediatric Cardiology
An alliance with Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh has made it possible for patients in the Altoona area to visit a Children's Hospital pediatric cardiologist without leaving town. For more information, phone 814-889-4196.

If your child is a patient, he or she will receive the finest care in our specially designed and comfortable pediatric rooms. Nursing care is different for each child depending upon the illness. The nurse in charge will tell you how you may help with your child's recovery.

Pennsylvania Black Lung Coalition
The Pennsylvania Black Lung Coalition is an independent, federally funded partnership designed to help coal miners and others suffering from Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis (black lung disease) or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) to gain medical attention and compensation necessary for a better quality of life. More information...

Altoona Regional provides state-of-the-art pharmaceutical services to its patients. The pharmacy is responsible for the preparation and distribution of medication and intravenous products, as well as the maintenance of patient profiles for administration of these products and the monitoring of drug interactions and allergies.

The pharmacy also provides drug information to physicians, nurses and other health care practitioners. The staff consists of registered pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy clerks.

Poison Prevention and Education Center
       National toll-free number: 1-800-222-1222        Web site: www.poisonprevention.org/main.html

Pregnancy Care Center
The Pregnancy Care Center provides outpatient prenatal and postpartum obstetric/medical care to income-eligible pregnant women. Case management is provided by RN care coordinators who meet with the patient to assess needs that may influence the outcome of the pregnancy. Nursing care, health education and counseling are provided by the care coordinators. Referrals are made to other health and human service providers as individual patient needs are identified.

The Pregnancy Care Center is a provider of the state's Healthy Beginnings Plus program. The Healthy Beginnings Plus program provides comprehensive services for the low-income pregnant woman to promote healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.

For more information, call 814-889-2677.

Pulmonary Medicine/Respiratory Care
Respiratory therapy is an allied health specialty instrumental in the diagnosis, treatment, management, rehabilitation and preventive care of patients with respiratory problems. All treatment for respiratory disease conditions is carried out by order of your physician. More information...

School of Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science
Please click here for information on the Altoona Regional Health System School of Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science. An online application is available.

UPMC Teleconsult Centers are a new model of care, bringing specialty physicians close to home by utilizing state-of-the-art video conference technology.

When a specialist is not available near you, the UPMC Teleconsult Center at UPMC Altoona Station Medical Center brings the expert close to home, saving you the trouble of traveling to Pittsburgh.

Visit www.UPMC.com/AltoonaTeleconsult for more details and a list of available services, or call 814-889-4244.

Telemetry Units
The Medical Progressive Care Unit (Altoona Hospital Campus) and the Surgical Progressive Unit (Altoona Hospital Campus) are monitoring units that accept medical/surgical patients. These patients include those who need cardiac monitoring in a noninvasive setting after surgery; need released from intensive/coronary care, or need general observation.

Women's Health and Wellness
Located at Altoona Hospital Campus, the Women's Health and Wellness provides basic reproductive health care services, including breast exams, pelvic exams, contraception, pregnancy testing, Pap smears and treatment of infections. Other services are offered as medically indicated.

Free sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment are available for both men and women. Testing includes chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV.

Women over 50 years who have no insurance and are income eligible can participate in the Healthy Woman Program. The program includes a free annual gynecological exam along with a Pap smear and mammogram.

Fees are based on your family size and household income. You may be eligible for a reduced fee. Services provided to those under 18 are free.

For more information, call 814-889-2012.
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