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What we offer
Central Pennsylvania Cardiovascular Associates offers the following procedures:

Endovascular procedures for aneurysms:

EVAR (Endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm)
  • Includes Endovascular repair of rupture
TEVAR (Thoracic endovascular aneurysm repair)
  • Complex aortic pathology
    • Chronic aortic dissection
    • PAU (Penetrating atherosclerotic ulcer)
    • Traumatic transaction
Endovascular Repair of peripheral aneurysm
  • Iliac Aneurysm
  • Popliteal Aneurysm
Angioplasty-stent procedures (including diagnostic angiography):

Carotid stent with cerebral embolic protection device

Subclavian, axillary, brachial artery occlusive disease:
  • Angioplasty alone
  • Balloon expandable stent
Mesenteric occlusive disease:
  • Celiac, SMA, IMA angioplasty alone
  • Balloon expandable stent
  • Self expanding stent
Aorto-Iliac occlusive disease:
  • Angioplasty alone
  • Balloon expandable stent
  • Self expanding stent
  • Covered stent
  • CTO (Chronic Total Occlusion) traversal and therapy
Femoral-Popliteal occlusive diseae:
  • Angioplasty alone
  • Orbital Atherectomy
  • Self expanding stent
  • Covered stent
  • PolarCath cryotherapy
  • Excisional Atherectomy
  • CTO (Chronic Total Occlusion) Traversal and Therapy
Tibial occlusive disease:
  • Angioplasty alone
  • Orbital atherectomy
  • Excisional atherectomy
  • Self expanding stent
  • PolarCath cryoplasty
Renal Vascular occlusive disease:
  • Angioplasty alone
  • Balloon expandable stent
  • Self expanding stent
  • Embolization for management of traumatic hemorrhage
  • Embolization as adjunct for EVAR.
  • Embolization of peripheral aneurysm (excluding Intracranial)
IVC interruption:
  • Placement of permanent Vena Cava Filter.
  • Placement of Retrievable Vena Cava Filter.
Thrombolytic therapy:
  • Thrombolysis of acute arterial occlusion
  • Thrombolysis of venous occlusion (DVT)
Endovascular management of dialysis access:
  • Placement of temporary and permanent dialysis catheter
  • Thrombectomy of arterial-venous fistula or graft
  • Angioplasty of arterial-venous stenosis

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