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Pennsylvania Black Lung Coalition

The Pennsylvania Black Lung Coalition is an independent, federally-funded partnership designed to help coal miners and others suffering from Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis (black lung disease) or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) to gain medical attention and compensation necessary for a better quality of life.

Staffed by professionals with direct experience in mining and black lung diagnosis and treatment, Altoona Regional Health System's Black Lung Clinic has the expertise and commitment to help active, inactive and retired coal miners live up to their full potential.

The Black Lung Clinic offers the following services on an outpatient basis:
  • Physical evaluation by our Physician/Medical Director
  • Testing for Federal Black Lung Benefits
  • Diagnostic tests including a chest x-ray, laboratory services and pulmonary function testing
  • Medical treatment for your pulmonary disorders
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation services
  • Education about respiratory diseases for patients and families
  • Benefits counseling
  • Influenza and pneumonia immunizations for coal miners, spouses and other individuals with a chronic respiratory disease
  • Individual treatment plan
  • Follow-up services as needed
  • Care coordination of all services
  • Support group
  • Outreach services to educate the public about the program

You may be eligible to receive services at Altoona Regional's Black Lung Clinic if you have a breathing problem and have been diagnosed with one of the following:
  • Black lung
  • Brown lung
  • Silicosis
  • Asbestos
  • White lung
  • Emphysema
  • Occupational asthma
  • Occupational bronchitis Patients may be self referred, referred by a physician, the clinic outreach worker, the United States Department of Labor, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, legal counsel, the United Mine Workers of America or other sources.

    Benefits Counseling

    Altoona Regional's Black Lung Clinic offers free assistance by offering:
    • Help in applying for black lung and other benefits
    • Help in checking claim status for state or federal black lung or hearing loss
    • Help with determining available medical benefits
    • Help determining eligibility and deadlines
    • Referral for legal assistance

    If you are insured, your health insurance will be billed first for all services provided. Some co-payments may apply based on your insurance. Please check with your insurance company. If you are a client without health insurance, you may be responsible for some payment for services based on a sliding fee scale.

    Contact Us

    Contact the Altoona Regional Health System Black Lung Clinic for a physician evaluation and medical testing:

    Altoona Hospital Campus
    620 Howard Ave.
    Altoona, PA 16601
    (814) 889-2853, (814) 889-2620 or (866) 538-9884

    For more information on Altoona Regional's Black Lung Clinic, complete our online request form.
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