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Medical Services: UPMC Altoona Bariatric Surgery Program
Weight loss success
The Center for Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery logo
UPMC Altoona has been MBSAQIP
accredited as a Comprehensive Center
for Bariatric Surgery.

UPMC Bariatric Surgery Program

UPMC Altoona Bariatric Surgery Program specializes in the treatment of obesity and abdominal problems in men and women. Our bariatric surgical team is committed to helping you improve your life.

Learn how obesity surgery can help reclaim your life

UPMC Altoona Bariatric Surgery Program combines years of experience to evaluate and counsel candidates interested in pursuing surgery as a tool in managing their weight loss and ensuring long-term weight-loss success. Our bariatric surgeons and clinical staff comprise an outstanding team of professionals who offer unparalleled care and effective surgical solutions through a comprehensive team approach.

Obesity substantially increases the risk of serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, respiratory problems and certain types of cancer. While dieting, exercise and medications have been recognized as the standard methods of achieving weight loss, many of these measures are only successful short term. Recent research demonstrates conventional methods generally fail to produce the permanent results that can be achieved through bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery, when coupled with appropriate changes in lifestyle and eating habits, has been shown to effectively provide durable weight loss. Bariatric surgery can allow the patient to enjoy the many benefits of weight loss, such as reduced blood pressure and a reduced risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Moreover, durable weight loss can lead to increased longevity. However, bariatric surgery is not without risks. Therefore, we encourage all of our patients to attend information sessions on bariatric surgery, speak with their primary care physicians, and become informed patients before undergoing surgery.

Our team of physicians, nurses, dietitians and psychologists are some of the most experienced in central Pennsylvania in evaluating and preparing patients for weight-loss surgery. We are dedicated to providing safe, life-changing, life-saving bariatric surgery to help ensure long-term weight loss success.

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